Temperate Deciduous



Mrs. Carlin

Before you start, remember to print out a Temperate Deciduous Forest Recording Sheet.

1.  Name the 4 seasons in a temperate deciduous forest.

2.  Name the 3 things a deciduous tree does every year.

3.  Where are temperate deciduous forests located in the United States?

4.  What colors are the following leaves in autumn?

5.  Which of the following mammals live in the united States?

        Bank Vole                  Black Bear
        Gray Squirrel            Raccoon
        White-tailed Deer    Wild Boar

6.  On the back of your recording sheet draw a picture of an oak leaf.

Assessment: Completion of the Recording Sheet

Graphic from Microsoft Clipart Gallery
Created: July 24, 2003
Updated: July 28, 2003

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